Sometimes you cannot fit a round peg into a square hole. Life situations and circumstances may require a person to seek specialized coverage for situations that would otherwise pose financial risks.We have experience in helping clients with several kinds of specialized insurance.


Accidents happen every day, and considering the road and traffic conditions, there is always a considerable risk of a crash. Sometimes, even if you are the safest driver, you can get involved in an accident due to fault. An accident insurance policy provides insurance benefits to an individual in case of any accidental damage. Typically, the insurance covers accidental death, loss of limbs or sight, or other permanent disabilities resulting due to an accident. This is best for self-employed, salaried persons and persons who are engaged in business.

Disability insurance can assure that you have the money to continue your lifestyle without compromise. By purchasing disability insurance, you are buying a monthly benefit, which will be paid, if you become disabled. The size of your benefit will depend on your level of income when you buy the plan. You will receive the first monthly payment after the elimination period.

critical illnesses are always associated with an increased cost of treatment with a long and expensive recovery process. A basic health insurance policy may not be sufficient to cover all medical costs, especially in case of critical illness or accident require long term treatment. This financial burden needs to be supported by a special financial protection plan.