What is Life Insurance?

A life insurance policy is a contract with an insurance company. It’s an important safety net if anyone depends on you financially. In exchange for premium payments, the insurance company provides a lump-sum payment, known as a death benefit, to beneficiaries upon the insured's death.


Who needs Life Insurance?

Colorado Life Insurance Company recommends life insurance for anyone who has loved ones who depend on them financially. This includes working or business owners, homeowners who have a mortgage, stay-at-home parents and others.


Why Colorado Life Insurance Company?

Life insurance provides long-term financial security for your family and helps you plan ahead when they would need it most. A term life insurance policy with Colorado Insurance Brokers can help you ensure their future is protected because everytime you can't put a dollar amount on your loved ones. Determine how much coverage you need and how long it's needed, and the Life Insurance Agents Colorado and Colorado Insurance Brokers can provide an affordable life insurance policy that is the perfect fit for you and your family. Get a life insurance QUOTE online or call us at 303-541-9533 and get the surety of knowing your loved ones are protected.


There are different kinds of life insurance policies, each meeting different needs. But Colorado Life Insurance company assures that you end up with the best suitable life insurance because you also don’t want to land up with the wrong cover.


       Term Insurance

       Permanent Life Insurance

       Universal Life Insurance

       Variable Life Insurance

       Variable Universal Life Insurance

       Final Expense Insurance



If you haven't bought life health insurance, Colorado Insurance Brokers will help you to get one at least as soon as possible.


Benefits in buying life insurance:

Life Insurance Agents Colorado and Colorado Insurance Brokers will guide you to choose the right plan for you. Life Insurance Agents Colorado will work on the plans they will offer you. Let's see what are the benefits to in buy Life Insurance through Colorado Life Insurance company:


     Life insurance policy benefits can be used to pay final expenses, including -  funeral or cremation costs,

-  medical bills not covered by health insurance,

-  estate administration fees

-  other unpaid obligations.

-  Even expenses such as a mortgage balance can be covered by  your benefit.


     Other benefits of life insurance proceeds can include the funding of future education expenses for the insured’s children or grandchildren. With the high and rising cost of college tuition. An insurance plan is an excellent tool for obtaining a college degree.


      By purchasing a life insurance policy with Life Insurance Agents Colorado, the name of a charity as the beneficiary. Individuals can provide tax-free proceeds directly to a cause that they care about. Life insurance is an excellent and inexpensive way to help your favorite charity with tax-free proceeds.


      If you are currently healthy, but various medical conditions run in your family history, then it is very smart to buy one with Life Insurance Agents Colorado now. It is strongly advised to purchase life insurance prior to having any health issues.


     Life insurance is excellent for any business purposes. It is oftentimes offered as an employee benefit by employers. In this case, employees are required to name a beneficiary of their choice to receive the tax-free proceeds.


Technically term life insurance, critical illness plans pay all or a specified percentage of the benefit amount purchased—say, a $200,000 term benefit. If the insured person is diagnosed with a critical illness– such as cancer, heart attack, stroke—the policy pays the benefit amount.

This is a variation on whole life in that the insured person is able to be involved in decisions about how to invest the premium dollars.

The insurance is purchased in a specific amount—say $150,000. Upon the death of the insured person, the insurance pays the specific amount whether you have made one premium payment or 20 payments.

Insurance is purchased at a specific amount, but premiums are invested in order to build cash value in the policy. The benefit is paid at the death of the insured person, or the insured person can withdraw the money to use as needed.